State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine
State Enterprise "Forestry Innovative Research Centre"

Production site

In 1998, a repair and mechanical complex was created on the basis of the liquidated trust "Ukr NVClis".

The main type of activity is the repair and manufacture of machines and mechanisms for forestry.

Since 2011, the complex has been part of the SE "Ukrlisconsulting" as a production site. However, after the reformation of SE "Ukrlisconsulting" into State Enterprise "Forestry Innovative Research Centre", it still exists as a production site.

The main types of products: disc and milling cultivators, looseners, forest plows, tree planting machines, trawling devices and devices for loading timber, log levelers, for forming packages of timber when loading into wagons, cone dryer drums, waste containers, fence sections, window grills, gazebos, barriers for blocking forest roads and other products according to the customer's drawings.

The design of machines and mechanisms manufactured by the site is simple and reliable in operation, repairable in the conditions of the workshops of the forest farm.

According to the responses of the forest farms, at the moment, with a small number of powerful tractors in the forest farms and a lack of funds, it is more appropriate to use mechanisms that are much cheaper and easier to operate and maintain, which are manufactured by the production site.

The district is the only enterprise in the forestry system that provides forestry enterprises of the State Forestry Agency and agro-industrial complex systems with sufficiently reliable and relatively inexpensive forestry equipment.

With appropriate support, the site is able to provide forest farms of Ukraine with forestry equipment.

The western and northern forest farms cooperate more actively with the district, while the eastern and southern ones are less active.

Discounts are provided to regular customers, sometimes the sale of products is practiced with partial payment followed by repayment of the debt.

The company constantly participates in specialized exhibitions of AGRO and LISDEREVMASH with the aim of popularizing products of its own production and expanding sales markets for forestry equipment, rational use and reproduction of forests.


Trawling device "CRAB"
For trawling wood during continuous felling and during felling for lighting and clearing in young trees.
Diameter of trawled wood:
Maximum65-70 cm
Minimum10 cm
Working speed1-2 gears
Weight210 kg
A device for loading lumber
The device is mounted on the boom of the EO2621 excavator in place of the bucket.
Productivity per shift (cubic meters)80
Baking powder RL-70
Intended for deep loosening of sandy soils for planting saplings and seedlings of coniferous and deciduous species with the simultaneous introduction of insecticides into the soil for pest control.
It is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4.
Technical characteristics:
ТипHinged type
Depth of loosening (cm)50-80
Working speed (km/h)up to 10
performance (km/h)up to 8
Overall dimensions:
Length (cm)240
width (cm)105
height (cm)170
Weight (kg)350
Drum for a cone dryer
Technical characteristics:
width (mm)600-800
diameter (mm)1600-1800
For the transportation of timber (made to order).
Designed for storage and shipment of garbage and small production waste.
Technical characteristics:
Capacity (m3)2
Carrying capacity (t)1,5
Overall dimensions (mm):
weight (кг)280
Log leveler
It is intended for the formation of packages of lumber when loading into wagons and vehicles.
Технічна характеристика:
Максимальна довжина пакету лісоматеріалів Який формується6000мм
Габаритні розміри:
Довжина12000 мм
Ширина3350 мм
Висота2150 мм
Потужність15-17 кВт
Designed for the transportation of small and medium loads over short distances.
Technical characteristics:
Carrying capacity (kg)500
Weight (kg)85
Height (mm)950
Width (mm)700
Length (mm)1000
It is possible to manufacture according to an individual order.
Milling cultivator "Chamois" with an active drive
It is intended for the destruction of grassy vegetation on clearings, meadows, dried swamps, lands unsuitable for agricultural use.
It is aggregated with tractors of class 0.6-1.4.
The width of the grip is 90 cm.
Working speed3-6 km/h.
Service staff1 person.
Productivity2.5-5 km/h.
Weight250 kg
Intended for soil preparation with furrows on unrooted fellings for sowing or planting forest crops.
It is aggregated with tractorsMTZ, YuMZ, TDT-55
The width of the strip is75 cm.
Depth15 cm (adjustable)
Weight320 kg.
Forest disc unit KLB-1.7m
It is intended for the care of forest crops planted along the bottom of the furrow after the PL-75 plow, or in the strips after the cutters.
Overall dimensions:1900х1000х1300
The depth of soil treatment is6-12 cm.
The width of capture isnot more than 180 cm
The width of the protective zone is20-60 cm.
Angle of attack0-0,52
Unit movement speed m/s no more than:
On cleared areas2
On uncleared areas1,6
Forestry machine SLCHN-IM
Designed for planting one- and two-year seedlings of coniferous and deciduous species. The soil is pre-cultivated to a depth of 35 cm. The machine is serviced by a tractor driver and two planters.
It is aggregated with MTZ, LHT tractors
Single-row hinged type
Productivity for 1 h/ha is0.32-8
Dimensions: length2350 mm
Width1300 mm
Height1500 mm
Weight450(485) kg
The distance between seedlings is0.5-0.75 m in a row
The depth of the coulter is20-30 cm.
Speed1.8-2.5 km/h
Weight350 kg
Fire module LPM 1000/750
Technical dataPM-1000 (l)PM-750 (l)
Tank capacity1000750
Petrol motor pump HONDA WB 20 XTZ
Average water pumping time in mode:
FOG (MIN)15-1812-15
PRESSURE (MIN)10-157-12
Overall dimensions (mm)1650х1020х10101650х980х990
Module weight (kg)9590
Tank1 pc.
Motor pump1 pc.
Pressure sleeve 50mm-20 m.2 pcs.
Suction sleeve with mesh1 pc.
Combined manual barrel TURBOKADOR-5001 pc.